Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trash to Crochet Treasure

The brown yarn at the rear is 12 ply 100 % wool and there is 6 balls of that, most of the larger balls around it are 12 ply 100% wool and the rest is baby yarn, wool blends. I paid $14 all up, but I think I paid $5 too much. The person with the 12 ply wool did not come down much in price. I found some darning needles and a cro hook with in the baby yarn. The cro hook is half the length of a standard sized cro hook and is a size 3.5, the print on the other side reads in brackets "sun" and underneath that in capitals is ENGLAND. The darning needles are quite long and quite large eye's too, I didn't have any that size.


Lcd tv bracket said...

wow that is so great!
just yesterday i bought a batch about half the size of yours for about $27.
That is really great that you got all this for that price! I live in Sydney, any ideas where i can get it around your price range?

Thank you in advance!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I buy from trash and treasure or the small markets and I always try to bargain them down more. Cheers Cat.

Anonymous said...

I find alot of mine at flea markets and yard sales. Rarely buy new unless it is a specific color I want or need.